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Unity Challenge: Togetherness

Unity Challenge: Togetherness

Let's come together and do what we can to help others
Let's come together and do what we can to help others

Unity Challenge: Togetherness

This week, we're celebrating the power of kindness and co-operation for building a positive mindset and making the world a better place. Because together, we are stronger. Together, we are happier. Together, we can achieve almost anything!


Make a difference

At a time when there is so much uncertainty and worry, one thing we have total control over is how we treat those around us.

That's why this week's challenge is simple: do something to help others. It can be anything at all. Whether you make an extra serving of food for a neighbour one meal-time, volunteer at a local community charity initiative, or simply pick up the phone to speak to someone you know who might appreciate your call, you'll be making a difference.

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