Unity Challenge: Motivation

Unity Challenge: Motivation

Stay motivated and achieve more by learning how to make good habits stick
Stay motivated and achieve more by learning how to make good habits stick

Unity Challenge: Motivation

Motivation breeds success, but no matter what those Insta quotes say (or how pretty their sunrise backdrops are), you can’t stay motivated through sheer determination alone. So, follow psychologist and personal trainer Leon Antonio-Outar's advice to start the new year as you mean to go on.


There can be only one

Pick one behaviour to make habitual

You might want to start running, get up early enough to swim before work, and do more home cooking. All admirable ambitions, but trying to do them simultaneously puts too much pressure on yourself, which tends to end up with all of them being abandoned.

Productivity experts recommend attempting to form just one new habit per month, so pick one behaviour this week that will have the biggest impact. Make it broad e.g. start running or drink more water.

Context is king

Make a plan (and stick to it)

Identify exactly when this week (day and time) you'll do your new behaviour. Be realistic and start small, gradually increasing the amount of required effort over the coming weeks.

If you want to start running, for example, you'll need to leave three to four days to rest your body after your first run. Try cramming in three runs in your first week and you'll likely be so sore that the sight of your running shoes will trigger painful flashbacks.

Stick to the same time and day(s), and you'll soon associate the positive behaviour with that specific day and time, reducing the mental effort needed to convince yourself to get started.

Buddy up

Make yourself accountable

It's easy to persuade yourself out of plans, no matter how well intentioned. Make it harder to sack off your new routine by telling someone about it this week and then checking in to let them know when you've stuck to it. Even better, get yourself a training partner.

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