Performance Matters: How to be your best

Mathieu Flamini and three-time world Muay Thai champion, Charlie Peters, discuss the foundations of human performance: training, nutrition, mindset and recovery

Three-time world Muay Thai champion, Charlie Peters, wasn't always knocking opponents out for a living. Having been convinced to gain a practical qualification by his father, Charlie started his working life as a hairdresser. A few years later Charlie was training Muay Thai in Thailand. Soon after that he was the world champion in his weight category.

In this edition of Performance Matters with Mathieu Flamini and Unity Insiders, Mathieu talks with Charlie about how he swapped scissors for hand wraps and not only changed careers but became one of the world's best fighters.

Watch now for a fascinating insight into how elite athletes achieve peak performance, covering everything from training to mindset, nutrition and recovery. Discover what their approaches have in common and where their philosophies differ in this fascinating exploration of what it takes to be at the top of your game.